Victoria Cycling Adventures

Cycling Safety Quiz Procedures Quiz

We hope you have fun with this little quiz and perhaps learn something along the way.

When you have correctly answered all of the questions, you will be asked to submit your name to our database so that we know that you are qualified to join our rides.

Some comments received:

Practical and useful. Thanks

Quiz questions showed that this club is for me.

Good tips made even better if everyone obeys them.

I'm a member of the NMTS with Mike Davila and a member of our Safety Committee. Enjoyed the Quiz and we hope to incorporate it in our safety program with your permission.

I was given this quiz by Mike Davila who is a member of our club the New Mexico Touring Society ( Mike is spending the summer your way and will be riding with you. Request permission to use this quiz in our club safety program. We will give you full credit for the quiz.

Very good Very good

Thanks. Good info. here. pz

Great reminders.

Thanks, great quiz.

Good reminders. None of the questions with lane pics worked for me so I guessed on all.

Lane photo links are broken.

Good reminders but no graphic for me on questions 19-22 so had to guess at the situation.

Great questions. Made me really think about safety.

Coukd not see the graphics for the questions on intersections

Couldnt see lane picture, otherwise great quiz 🙂

very informative, thanks!

very straight forward



Good reminder

useful reminders!


not bad

Great way to inform and educate your membership.

Good review and informative for group rides


I learned quite a bit - thank you.

The questions with photos of intersections were a bit tough because I wasn't sure of the lane numbers.

Thank you for the refresher!!

What a great idea to have everyone take this quiz. I hope to remember all of it so I may be a welcome rider for other club members.

fun and informative. Several answers I got right only by deducting answers that were not correct but I now know the correct action to take. Informative

pretty helpful

Looking forward to my first (of many)rides with this group!

Very useful and helpful!

What were those symbols that came up and covered the keyboard? I couldn't get them off for the longest time and I almost terminated the quiz.

well-worded to teach and inform

Good Quiz and helpful


Very informative.

Good reminders in the quiz. A great way to inform us.


Hilarious! Good quiz. Very well thought out with good humor inserted!

Thank you! I learned a lot!

Question 7 about rear wheel skidding is not correctly worded per available answers.

Good quiz

Thorough quiz!

very good questions! good questions.

thank you Thanks again


Useful. Thank you. Useful. Thank you.


good way to educate

very informative very informative Thank you!

Thank you. But where do I get those marathon plus tires?

Good refresher! Thanks! Looking forward to my first ride!

Great reminders!

Thanks for the refresher... I am an ambassador

good questions!

Entertaining! :) Entertaining

Thanks. Thanks.

Good questions, I ride mostly alone on trails. Thank you

Good for refreshing the rules!

How about you just ask for someones driver license number instead?

Great quiz! I appreciate the humour :) Thanks!

A great quiz. Thought provoking and good review of group riding and some excellent safety reminders. Good review. Important to do this.

Very thorough!

Great quiz

Good review!

Can you please make the questions/answers gender neutral? There are around 4 that specify "him/he". These little minor details can help us reach equality and bring down the current patriarchy. Thanks! :)

Great Idea! I learned a few things from the quiz. I wonder if a mandatory version should be implemented? Good quiz with excellent information.

I've learned some important info today. Thank you!

Thanks for this great education quiz.

Learned some things I didn't know.

good info and review of responsibilities.

Fun and informative quiz.

none none

fun! it required common sense and made me think

Good questions!

learned some things

I liked it

Great quiz Great Quiz

Very thorough. Caught me out on a couple of them. Very useful. Very useful.

Learned some things.

Vee formation! Sultans of Swing

will try to make my first ride Oct 5 before joining good idea to ensure similar minded people

All of the above!

It is a very well designed quiz

thanks! v informative.

Good review and informative for group rides

a good refresher for riding in a big group that I do rarely.

Excellent. One point, when I took my bike course I was told to always go to the front of the line of traffic, turn around and indicate to vehicle behind me my intention, going left or straight through good, worth taking

Great idea, thanks.

Okay I am a country mouse. I ride up my local Big Qualicum river by myself with a bear/bike whistle. There are no traffic lights in my neighborhood. or a matter of fact, NO cars.where I ride. so I did learn some new things taking this quiz. I hope I survive in the big city then. Looking forward to riding safely with your group.


Very thorough test.

Why not just make the two tests one

There was one question I found a bit confusing: the one where the rear wheel was skidding and where the correct answer was that you're supposed to ease up on the FRONT brake. If the rear wheel comes off the ground and there's a danger that the cyclist may go over the handlebars, that's when they should ease up on the FRONT brake. When the rear wheel skids out sideways, it's because the REAR brake is applied too hard and it should be eased up on. Hope this makes sense :~)

Fun and informative quiz!

Very useful info.

Learn a few pointers that I wasn't aware of before.

Very informative and fun

This was a good introduction interesting.

a few things I needed to be reminded of

Informative. I hope I remember these safety tips. Informative. I hope I remember these safety tips. Good information . Good information .

I did learn some things even though I've been an avid cyclist for years. Great quizz

membership and fee structure is now incorrect

us full

Very helpful.

Didnt know some of these , so... Thanks

A few questions at the beginning sound like an insult to one's intelligence, but the majority are really informative and refreshing to read again. Thanks.

A good orientation. Thanks.

Very helpful, thanks. Very helpful, thanks.

Well organized to have everyone on the same page.


A good reminder. Many riders don't understand they are to ride in the same way they drive. --- follow rules of the road.

great quiz!

Very good quiz and informative.

Boy took months of studying and many sleepless nights but I did it! I think all riders regardless of question should text, email or call Simon on any concerns, issues, cancellations, or suggestions!

Good Info. Too bad drivers don't agree with it!!

great quiz - read up on the bike sense site before quiz - but this was better great review to being part of a team

Glad I took this. A corrective to some of my habits. I've never cycled in a group before.

I am a member of the Ottawa Bicycle Club intending to visit Victoria next week. The club rules are much the same as I am accustomed to. It is a good refresher. Good info, even for a visitor to Victoria.

learned some aspects of proper riding; need to reviewsignals GOOD GOOD

excellent - informative and a good refresher and fun. Thank you quite informative

Great refresher!

A good test to refresh your knowledge & learn some. nice and easy

Informative and interesting. Thanks. Thanks


Since I generally ride alone, and like a... Donald Trump, I would have appreciated a question or three on proper signals.


Good and used in variaing degrees by most clubs...if only others out there followed these rules stopping st stop signs!

that was fun and informative.

The questions pretty much all made sense. I use my mirror much more than shoulder checking because a mirror look is quicker and more informative (for me) than turning my head to look behind for that split second long enough to smash into a door or bumper that someone has just put in front of me. Just saying. Depending on rules alone to ride safely is not going to work unless a rider is ready to adapt to conditions which the rules don't strictly follow.

Fun and interesting!

good information

Good idea! Some answers are different than what I had been told so good to know expectations of the group.

Very useful!

Helpful reminders, thanks! thanks!

Great Info...Thanks.

it was a good reminder for some riding scenarios good reminder


Some wrong answers very amusing. Good introduction to the club


Great quiz. Reminds me that cycling is serious business!

Lot's of good tips

i learned something new! :)

Good quiz - like the humour

very practical very practical

Great! I did learn a few things about group riding that I didn't know before.

I learned a few things. It was light humoured, too.

Excellent! Enjoyed the humour too!

the more you know...

Good points. Learned a few things I hadn't really thought about before.

Good quiz learned a few things New to the area and grateful to have found this web site


thanks glad to cooperate, grateful for the group

It was fun and a good review. A few things I learned that I wasn't sure about!

Excellent quiz. Fun! And I learned a lot. Thanks. Thanks.

Very informative. I have always ride solo. So, I need to be aware of the rules regarding others in a group. Thanks

Well conceived!

Great quiz!

Good info. Thanks! Good info. Good info

Whew! That was a long test, but a very old one. Whew! That was a long test, but a very old one.

Very good questions Excellent questions

well done quiz

Learned a few things, thanks! I hope to meet you soon. Just need to learn a few more...

Good teaching tool

Learned a bunch. Thanks!

Great quiz. Always something to learn from a quiz. I learnt things I had not considered. Have this a part of the MVA driver training so they understand how and why we cycle in such manner.

Great quiz, I'm going to refer some other riders to take it.


Great quiz Great quiz.

I wish all cyclists would take this quiz!

One of the best constructed online tests I have encounter with immediate feedback, informative information and an opportunity to self correct errors. Thank you.

Good quiz although very long. No question was irrelevant. Good quiz although very long. No question was irrelevant.

Good reminder.

Most of it was pretty common sense but some of the questions were considering points that I hadn't thought about and that was helpful.

Yes, the intersection scenarios are interesting and useful.

A bit too long for my liking but good information. Two thumbs up

Very informative Very informative

Yippie Yippie

very informative! again, very informative.

Hope to come out soon and check out the new possibilities for rides. Hope to come out soon and check out the new possibilities for rides.

I love the intersection scenarios. Thanks. Also a good test - I appreciate the clarity of the procedures for various common situations.

Thanks! This was a useful refresher.

The quiz certainly made me think about what is safe when riding. I'm thinking that it would be so much fun to be the Sultans of Swing!

Thanks, good quiz

I learned, and learned, and learned



Very good Awesome Awesome

thought I would get 100% when I started, but learned some things

Great idea! Great idea!

Glad I knew most of this stuff already! Can't wait to join in on the fun.


Very educational. Learned a few new valuable actions.Thx!

Looking forward to the century this Sat So fun!

I oops! twice. Otherwise, I'm safe. I like the idea of explaining why the answer is correct. Every cyclist should do this test. Does GVCC know about this? Maybe bike shops could advertise it.

Interesting. I learned a couple of things. Useful. I learned a few things. Thanks.


Well put together, covers a lot of safety issues. Well put together. Informative. Well put together. Informative.

Thorough and well done.

A good quiz, with fun and creative "wrong" answers. Good quiz, very informative.

Good quiz. Learned some things Useful ( and cute ;) a great test to keep us safe on the roads..

I love getting 100%😊 A fun and informative way to impart instructions.

interesting intersection scenarios.

the first Q with lanes had red lanes numbers on a dark background. Try yellow numbers for better contrast. Otherwise good quiz, I learned a few things. Good reminders

i would like to join you on the Sept. 9th ride

Great quiz. Good reminders and I learned a few things.

Got caught on a couple of these. Good reminders and lots learned. Very interesting and good to affirm some instincts I already had! Good one. Very helpful.

Good stuff!

Good reminder!

Informative and fun.

Learned some things. Thanks.

couple of tricky ones!

Very well thought out.

Wonderful quiz. Well done.

As a rider from Australia (where we ride on the left hand side) the questions forcing me to think about the lanes of the road were useful. mostly common sense but good to go through it as a quiz

Great quiz - I learned a couple of things!

Where can I get a copy to send to fellow cyclists (in other cities)? Great quiz! Thanks!

Great idea for the test! Another helpful quiz. Another helpful quiz.

Very handy bike-riding tips. Good refresher questions. Obviously a well-organized, serious group.

I learned a few things :) I learned a few things :)

I learned a few things thanks

A well-written summary of important cycling issues. Good job! Very well-written and informative. Had fun doing it. Good quiz-learned a few things about the VCAC!

Thanks this was helpful! Glad to have such an organized group to be a part of. Thanks so much!

Skidding rear tire does not indicate the condition specified in the quiz only.

This group is organized!


Very structured linear learning tool. Cheers! Just an aside, the email notification options are not very clear (at least not to me). I was receiving notifications and reminders for meetups to which I had not RSVPed, and the type of notification wasn't identified in the message, so the only way I could be sure I was disabling the spam was to turn off all meetup reminders for your group.

good refresher!

Missed some, but gave me cause to think things thru. Good Quiz.

Fun...and provides a good reminder. Good refresher questions. It helps to see them again. Thanks! I enjoy your surveys and the associated comments. Thanks

Well presented and useful information!!

Thank you I look forward to my training Learning how and where to cycle in this city is really important to me

Lots of good info in this quiz. Some of it a refresher, some new.

It was good. I learned a couple new things, I'm glad to know I knew most of it already and practice safe cycling.

Good quiz. Safety is important!

It is a good refresher.

I was impressed with it and the additional information given with the correct answers. Nicely done. It makes the expectations of the group clear to those joining it. It seems to cover all of the major information for safe riding on my own and in groups. Good information about the expectations of the members.


I disagree with the flashing lights and the requirement for safety vests.

learned a few new things, and enjoyed that.


Very thorough!

I definitly learned a few things I definitly learned a few things

Perfect thanks :)

You should indicate that there is 35 questions and it does time to answer this questionnaire not quick quiz

If you want to make a harder quiz make it so "all of the above" isn't always correct.

great preparation Terrific!

Great quiz. Thank you. Prepping for a spring visit. See you then.

Good quiz; I don't usually cycle with a group so good to learn the different rules.

Excellent! Excellent! Excellent!

Looking forward to exploring new places to ride.

I'm looking forward to riding in Victoria.

I didn't actually know that about railway tracks

Good quiz, but I wonder if you might use inclusive language. All the riders are "he". As a female rider. I feel excluded with the sexist language bias.

I'm excited to start riding with you!

I'm qualifiable but am I certifiable?


I finally got he courage to do it :) Awesome, I did it :) I really had to do a bit of homework as I do feel like a brand new rider with little experience !! So glad I got this out of the way so I can begin on some short, easy rides with the group soon :)

would love to come out to join for a trial ride. When is the next one. Thanks so much. That was fun.

Do you have reciprocal arrangements with other cycling clubs and their insurance? Some rides, with some people; the best thing is to turn around and go home ... but that was another group. This basic quiz should be given to all elementary school children and their parents. It should be mandatory! And here I thought someone else was fully responsible for my safety. (Wink)

Thanks. I live in parksville but hope to join you for some summer and/or weekend rides. Hi- I currently live in Parksville therefore I hope to join the group for the occasional weekend ride and some rides in the summer. I love to ride for exercise, to appreciate the landscape and for FUN.

I'm just looking for some casual riding to get some exercise and meet people

Thanks. Very helpful questionaire. Thanks. Very helpful will take it again.

NOT SURE IF I WILL JOIN OR NOT Will most likely get involved in mid to late April...

great quiz. learned a few things. great quiz. learned a few things. learned a few more things. thanks.

very informative, I am looking forward to meeting everyone.

interesting quiz. I need to do a re-fresher course on riding in traffic which I try to avoid.

Looking forward ride.

Hahahaha. Gotta love the "Hazard? No worries, I have marathon plus tyres."

Been riding roads and paths for 10 years so I found the quiz common sense. Never with a group though: one day!

I Had 4 wrong. I learned something new today.

Great test learnt from taking it!

Good questions. Looking forward to my first ride and to meeting everyone :) I've taken this quiz before, but it's been a while, so I thought I'd take it again, as a refresher. I don't normally ride in groups, so it's good to be familiar with the rules of riding with others.

Very informative.

This quiz was worth doing as safety is emphasized with the rationale explained. A useful refresher, especially knowing how to cycle through intersections more safely.

Good questions. Surprised I got them all first try.

Thanks - great reminders! My GPA has just improved!

Looking forward to my fist outing. Love the quiz!

Great Quiz

Great quiz, thanks. Looking forward to riding with you one day!

Great refresher on road safety and manners, thanx:-)

The question with the left turn (no turn lanes) on a very busy road should be reworded. It mentions "using the crosswalks". This is confusing since it's illegal to do so on a bicycle. The explanation itself also (thankfully) makes no mention of actually using a crosswalk, contradicting the "correct" answer. Aside from that I actually relearned a few things through the quiz.

good quiz, good reminders and a good teaching tool

in process of buying a new bike - and then I will join you!

Well done, I learned a couple of things.

I'm still far too wobbly on my bike right now but with some practice I hope to go on a cycling adventure soon(ish)!

Good Quiz!

Fun quiz

interesting and educative quiz

the quiz is a great learning experience

Great Quiz. Good Questions

Thanks for the quiz. Missed today's ride (found your sight too late) but planning to join!

Not sure if I'll join or not.

That was good, I really liked the questions about what to do at intersections! Really informative quiz! My 3rd time but figured I should study up!

Fun quiz!

I haven't done any riding in large groups, so some of those questions were very useful. Thank you!

I'm qualified - woohoo!

Enjoyed doing the quiz and learned some new things.

I think I prefer rides that are no longer than three hours at this stage, although plan to be more ambitious. Good informative quiz.

Good quiz! I appreciated the safety review.

Hope to see you soon!

Good idea. Maybe good to warn the quiz taker that it is long so have enough time to take it and don't have to abandon part way:)

Hi :) like to ride no expert thou

I had five wrong - I learnt a few more things, especially when riding in a group setting. Great quiz. Everyone should take this!

I learned some essentials. Thanks.

tel.250 386 5165 tel.250 386 5165

I've never traveled with large groups before, but have ridden all my life

Moving to Victoria in August. Looking forward to joining this group!

Really informative and fun quiz. The questions are valuable information about the club.

Good quiz actually! Great organization. Love to ride.

Just checking out the website, went through the quiz.

Good refresher and reminder C U soon for my first ride.

Looks like fun. I am already part of a couple of other groups, but see VCA as a possible alternative. Please keep me on your list so that I know when I might join in.

Thanks, a good refresher!

Cool test

That was fun!


I too laughed at the Marathon Plus answers, because I know nothing about bike tires except that my sister advised to buy Marathon Plus.....I guess this is why, so I did!

Thanks for this refresher.

Great questionnaire even for a seasoned rider. Still lots to learn. This is very well organized. Very impressed.

I liked the questions with the Marathon Plus answers - mostly because that's exactly why I ride Marathon Plus tyres.

looking forward to riding with you.

Yay! Looking forward to riding with the group.

250.479.7368 I use computer @ library

The Rear wheel skid question should say ease up on the rear brake not the front. The survey was a little too long, some questions were too simplistic (low IQ test) and could be omitted.

funny answers...add a goog laugh

very useful quiz! Good info!

Good quiz, thanks. Good quiz

Very informative quiz!

Good Quizz! A must for all group riders, no matter how new or experienced you are. Excellent!

My Husband Bob Louie would also attend. He is an experienced rider

Some of the questions really made me think. Now, to work on my condition so I can keep up! I thought I knew it all, but still learned something.


very good quiz very good quiz

I actually learned a few things!! I actually learned a few things!!

Some good advice about lanes and other traffic. I'm used to german roads with off-road bicycle lanes!

Long but great quiz where I learned a couple of things as well. Greeat quiz:) Look forward to joining you soon! Great quiz:)

Very excited...

looking forward to trying a ride

Fun little quiz.

Good quiz, thanks Thanks

Looking forward to joining in on some rides. It was a good quiz and a reminder of some basic rules of the road. Another good quiz..:-) Another good quiz..:-)

good quiz. Could have more on pelaton riding

Very funny, who makes up the answers? I enjoyed this. thank you.

Thanks for the quiz...just when I thought I knew it all or remembered it all! A little humility is a good thing Excellent quiz to keep everyone on the same page or more accurately...In the same lane!

Hope to see you in July!

Great quiz and I think we should re-qualify every couple of years. See you on the road! Thanks

Great quiz! I'm sure it raises awareness and brings the whole to the same level.

Fun quiz - lots of great reminders for riders of all experience levels. thanks!

Very informative Informative

Many good, thought-provoking questions, and some real funny ones

Thanks for "Embrace the Rain".

Looking forward to going on some rides! :-) Thanks!

useful exercise

Good quiz! Can I get a copy? Useful quiz Good quiz. Good to know!

helpful for sure

thank you for quiz! i really want to join the riding Thank you for quiz!

GREAT quiz -- did you originate it or take it from another source? I'd like to pass it along to other cycling organisations, tx for emailing me to let me know!

This is a great idea! This is a great idea!

great traffic questions!

good refresher! Took again as a refresher

Looking forward to some adventures as soon as I have a new bike! :D


The photos of the intersections are kind of small and hard to interpret, particularly where the last car in a lane is cut off by the border of the photo.

Great quiz...thanks!

Thanks, I learned from this quiz. I have only ridden my bike with a group (max 8 people) once. Good info!

a very useful quiz

reminded me of a pop quiz in school ...

Good information

Fun quiz!

Ya hoo!

Great quiz and refresher! Good quiz

I haven't signed up yet but am considering it possibly in the spring.

great quiz keep the rubber on the road

lol.....way too easy Simon!!


Good quiz. Funny questions.

very good quiz

A worthwhile refresher, and especially relevant for group riding.


that was fun and good reminders about intersection use/sharing with cars thanks

Needed the refresher particularly re intersection protocol. You may have saved my life. Thank you. Catch yah!


Been riding for many years in Victoria and am well aware of the traffic attitude towards bikers.

now THAT was nailbiting wan't it?!

Excellent test and i'm very glad you make the effort to ensure all group members know the basics! I was in a serious crash due to a new rider who had no knowledge of safety practices

You really had me on the braking procedure for a rear skid! I learned something new today.Thanks for the review.

Funny Simon; thanks for the tips and laughs. Do we get a diploma or at least a celebratory beer? Another diploma! A good refresher. Funny quiz, Simon

Thoughtfully written quiz

Thanks, Simon! I only got one wrong - woo hoo! Cheers, Whitney

Thank you and to those on the pub ride. Remember A cyclist must obey the motor vehicle act, including impaired riding. Have Fun!

Thanks Simon, the intersection ones were useful for me. Thanks! Much useful info

Fun, Simon. Thanks for doing this and putting all your time to make this riding meetup work. While my practice differs in certain traffic conditions from the correct responses to a couple of the questions, I recognize the rational for the correct answers. Educational and fun to complete. Thanks again for doing all of this. Thanks

Good Job Simon

It was an entertaining questionnaire. Good sense of humour mixed with safety points. Thanks Fun quiz. especially the choice "turn around and go home".

Multiple Choice! Grrrr! Perhaps we could write an essay next time.

Good refresher quiz even for those of us who ride in traffic daily. Although I was tempted to choose some of the more entertaining 'wrong' answers...

That was somewhat easy!

Look forward to putting it all into practice

Good quiz but needed 4 tries at #13 !


Great idea with the quiz.

Great quiz; thank you!

Great quiz!!!!

Excellent Quiz Simon

what a great quiz with good information to know, thanks so much

I beat the internet! See ya on the road.

Fun little quiz. Some good humour, as well as some good tips for riding both with a group or just solo.

WEW! I passed

Thanks, this was informative and fun. (even though I was tempted to answer some of the cheeky ones) Thanks Simon. I appreciate the time you put into the quiz to keep us all safer. These are fun quizes. Thanks Always and interesting quiz. Thanks

I was expecting a question or two about beer tasting expertise!? Never go anywhere without duct tape! lol Great quiz.

Great questionnaire, fun and informative. Thanks..

Thanks for all the reminders and safety tips - loved the humor in the questionnaire too!

lets ride thanx good for all of us

Thanks for all the safety tips. I have taken the can bike 2 course, and found all info validated what I knew + a couple tips I learned on the group rides in your test.

Once more!

Great quiz. Thanks for all the outloud laughs too. nice work!

Great idea for checking that the members have read your website. Well known stuff for anybody who has done a bit of cycling. Good quiz Well done

clever way to get the important points across but sorry that 'ring my bell' was never the correct answer

The answers present a good list for biker etiquette, self comfort and personal and group safety. Good questions. Might consider a different colour (other than red) for numbering the traffic lanes in the photos. I've heard that 20% of us males are red/green colour blind.

Fun Quiz!! Fun quiz!! good refresher, learned some new things....

ride on brother!

Good quiz with lots of information. Good quiz. Good quiz. It was fun to do.

great test great test Good times Good times

Yay, I made it

Phew ... pulse rate got going answering a couple of the questions ... worse than my Master's dissertation :)

Q#25 I think. What to do on a long ride and you loose site of everyone! I was riding with Russ Hayes Group and was in this position along beach drive. The ones in front of me turned into Cattle Point. They forgot to wait! If I had waited for the sweep this would never of happened. Mistakes happen!!

First inclination was to respond with the 'best' answer, not the correct one. Thanks for making me laugh today!

informative and fun quiz ( had a few laughs!)

Good learning experience Thanks Simon

Good information to review, and some new stuff I didn't really know. Thanks.

Excellent reminder of the Rules of the Road. Thanks for taking the time to put it all together and also coordinating all the rides.

Good to see you're keeping this up, Simon!

Phew! on and on and on...

Great way to inform. There were several really good questions. The left turn on busy road a bit of a surprise--but good.

Cute! Excellent quiz - informative and entertaining!

I took the quiz earlier, but decided to do it again as a refresher.

Useful and often hilarious...

Great Quiz Simon... I had a number of laugh out loud moments!! And I learned a few new things too... Very cute!